Can you beat the bottle?

For some Breeders’ Cup fun, consider taking the magic bottle challenge.

Step 1: handicap the races and predict the winners of the thirteen year-end championship races.

Step 2: create a pie chart with fourteen slices and number them 1 to 14.

Step 3: select a bottle. Perhaps choose a Breeders’ Cup sponsor like Stella Artois or 14 Hands Winery. I use Mountain Valley Spring Water. It is bottled in Hot Springs, the city of my home track Oaklawn.

Step 4: Spin the bottle on top of the pie chart. The magic bottle will select the program number of a horse its top is pointing to when it stops spinning.

Step 5: Place a mythical (or actual?) show bet on your selections and the Magic Bottle’s selections. See if you can beat the bottle!

Here’s what I’m cooking with this year: 

Last year, I played $2 across on the selections. Here are the results:

Sara Dacus: +67.20
One pick scratched

Magic Sparkling Water Bottle: -26.20
Two picks scratched

Please note: This game idea came from the Post Parade blog ( The author is a witty horseracing fan in Texas.