Scenes from a Kentucky Derby party

Several years ago, my friends Bill and Phillis invited me to one of the coolest parties I've ever attended: a Kentucky Derby party. I was completely in awe of the festivities. And when Phillis decided to pass on the torch after ten years of hosting, I became her legacy (The full background of this party and transition can be found here: Accepting the Honor as New Derby Party Host). 

Phillis, the founder of the party, who taught me the ways of hosting this event.

Phillis, the founder of the party, who taught me the ways of hosting this event.

This was my second year to host the Derby party. Since my husband plays in a golf tournament that is also held every year on the first Saturday in May, I changed the party to a ladies only event. 

The first order of business was to find a fabulous invitation. 

I also decided I needed new door swag.  

And then I waited for the post position draw. After it was held, I prepped for the party's horse auction. More info on how to conduct this is here: Adding Ownership Excitement to Your Derby Party.

Several of my friends helped me create the tablescapes.

And then my fabulous friends came, ready to enjoy the Derby and each other's company. 

Several members of the first generation of the party were able to attend. 

And then we auctioned off the contenders. 

We did pretty well! We put $640 dollars in our Kentucky Derby purse. 

We had time for a group picture before the big race. 

And when the most exciting two minutes of sports occurred, I was pretty pleased to see Nyquist heading to the winner's circle. I think his 8-0 record is pretty impressive, and I look forward to seeing what he has for the Preakness in two weeks. 

So then it was time to hand out some CASH to our auction winners. 

I love my friends, and I appreciate them contributing to the festive atmosphere for one of my favorite days! And I also appreciated some creative, themed hostess gifts! 

We had so much fun, we even discussed planning a Preakness party. We now have two weeks to talk about a Triple Crown . . . to be continued!!!!!